Thursday, May 24, 2012
The Portland Alliance Portal to the Post Office:
Endorsed by the Willamette Reds!
"People and Nature Before Profits!
We're a working collective of socialists, communists, and independent leftists
in Oregon's Willamette Valley. Yes, it is bread we fight for -- but we fight for roses, too "

Save the the US Postal Service! May 24, 2012; Portland, Oregon Action

Community Action: Occupy the Post Office Rally and March
Thurs, May 24, 5 pm, Terry Shrunk Plaza
SW 3rd and Madison (Portland, Oregon)
Our public postal service is under attack with the Postmaster General poised to close 500 rural post offices while reducing hours from 25% to 75% at 13,000 rural post offices. On the chopping block are a number of urban post offices, mail handling lefts and Saturday delivery. This is an example of shrinking public services so that they can “be drowned in the bathtub.” Who will benefit? Privatizers and union busters.
Join in a critical action to save our commons!!
Stop Closures. Stop Cuts.
Contact us: Click Here! / New online... The Alliance Gardening Portal
Occupy Portland!
MayDay! Free Fliers

The right to rebellion is the right to seek a higher rule

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Help Speak Truth to Power: The 99% are Rising Up!

Donate to Save Alternative Media!

We need your help!

Last year the Portland Alliance
published 5 print issues and 2 online issues. We upgraded online resources and Free Geek provided a nine server network base for the newspaper and nonprofit.

We've been at 5926 N. Albina Avenue for one year, but now must move due to a rent increase and are actively looking for a new place. We have to be out by July 18th. This may be a fortunate move if we can find at least a 600 square foot place for the Alliance. 

Even during these hard times, the Alliance endorsed Occupy last August and continues to support the 99% movement. We brought Greg Palast to town, sponsored the Human Rights Film Festival, assisted with MayDay, and have continued to help produce Labor Radio while working closely with Jobs with Justice. We promote Laughing Horse Books, PCASC, Voz, B-Media, and many other members of the Alliance Progressive Directory. We still have multiple writers, seven editors, three cartoonists, and multiple columnists and artists who help deliver real news and speak truth to power.

We are working on several grants and hope to secure enough funding to relaunch the print edition as early as this fall. But we need your help. If you care about Alternative Media and Education, help us to keep the Alliance alive. If you can help us with any amount, even five bucks, please donate what you can so we can survive. We can also use volunteers. No fear, no surrender, and no compromise. Make a difference!
We want to keep the Alliance Community Calendar coming...

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