Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Occupy 2011... Will it last?

The Richest and most Powerful nation on Earth can afford to
invest in America and provide effective Education, adequate
Health Care,  and Jobs with Justice... so that our people can
become productive and our nation can compete in the globally
interconnected marketplace. 

Instead, the richest of the rich... the 1%, waste precious resources
bailing out criminals in the banking industry and financing
corporate invasions, occupations and exploitation abroad.

This is why there is an active movement for change in America.
Occupy 2011 will continue.  As well it should.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Portland Alliance: What's goin on? Occupy will shut down the west co...

The Portland Alliance: What's goin on? Occupy will shut down the west co...: Shutdown the Port on December 12th by david Posted on November 27, 2011 On December 12th, Occupy Portland will join ...

What's goin on? Occupy will shut down the west coast!

Shutdown the Port on December 12th

On December 12th, Occupy Portland will join cities including San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Tacoma for a West Coast Port Shutdown.  We will stage mass mobilizations to march on the ports, create community pickets, and effectively shutdown the hubs of commerce.  This action will be in the same fashion of Occupy Oakland when they shut down the Port of Oakland on November 2nd on the day of their general strike. The Oakland Port Shutdown was a historic and effective action, and the memory of that night on the port lives in the hearts of people across Oakland and around the country.  Occupy Portland’s participation in this day of action was approved by the General Assembly on November 26th with near unanimous consent.
We will blockade all of the West Coast Ports on December 12th in solidarity with longshoremen, port workers and truckers in their struggle against the 1%! Together we are unstoppable! Strike while the iron is hot!
Help us get the word out, by printing and distributing posters and flyers.  Find out how to get involved and join us in planning this action.  Invite your friends and spread the word on Facebook. Help make this event happen by donating and putting your money where your values are!
If you have other questions, want more info, or want to be updated on action details and meeting times, email us at or call us at 503-567-8213.  For media inquiries, please call us at 503-567-8213.  Or if you want to receive a text message update about action details and meeting times, text @december12 to 23559.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get on the Bridge for Economic Justice: Thursday November 17th
On November 17th we declare an economic emergency for the 99%.
The Steel Bridge, like so much of our infrastructure, is structurally deficient
and in need of repair. This is work that needs doing, even while thousands in Portland are unemployed! Bridges like this one are symbols of politicians'
failure to pass a jobs bill or do anything to help the 99%, while our
infrastructure deteriorates and the richest 1% keep getting richer.
On Nov 17th, we say enough is enough.
This is part of a national day of action.
Endorsed by The Portland Alliance, JWJ, We Are Oregon, St. Johns Community Action Network, SEIU Local 503, Portland Rising, Portland Jobs With Justice,, CWA Local 7901, SEIU Local 49, Portland Council, Laborers’ Local 483, Our Oregon, Labor Radio Collective,, VOZ, Portland Rising Tide, Economic Fairness Oregon, Oregon Action, Unified Labor Committee, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, IWW Portland, United Steel Workers District 12, ENLACE, Alliance for Democracy, National Assoc. of Letter Carriers Branch 82, ILWU Local 5, Basic Rights Oregon, Teamsters Local 206, UNITE-HERE, Occupy PDX, US Uncut, International Peace Resource Center, American Friends Service Committee,, & more!

Get on the Bridge!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

March for Justice with JWJ, Labor, and Occupy Portland!

Labor & Community March
in Solidarity with Occupy Portland!

Portland, Oregon - October 26, 2011 -
LABOR COMMUNITY MARCH in Solidarity with Occupy Portland! 

On Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 5 p.m. beginning at Director Park
                                                                                                              (SW Park & Yamhill)
       sponsors: Oregon AFL-CIO, Jobs with Justice, AFSCME, Laborers 483 and more...

On October 3rd, Occupy Portland was endorsed by Jobs with Justice.  Occupy Portland began when thousands took to the streets on October 6 in downtown Portland to protest economic inequality, the scapegoating of working people, the vilification of labor unions, and the exploitation
of the unemployed, underemployed, and homeless.  Everyday people decided to stand up to transnational economic cartels that have take over our communities.

The end of the march was only a beginning.  The protesters occupy a public park to speak for the 99% and demand the 1% profiteers listen. Put your feet on the streets with Labor, educators, organizers, activists, and Occupy Portland again on October 26th.  Remind everyone the 99% are not just the representatives standing our ground in Oregon and across the nation!  

Join the Oregon AFL-CIO, AFSCME, and more unions for sure to come. The WE ARE OREGON drum core will also be there to put a beat to our steps! Labor Radio will be on the streets...

LABOR won't stand for corporatization of our communities - not on Wall Street and not in Portland,
Oregon! We deserve peace, justice, jobs, & freedom. JOBS not CUTS!

For more info
at 503-236-5573

This March is endorsed by the Portland Alliance! 
Send pictures and stories to !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What is going on with The Portland Alliance

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Here are PDF Copies of all of the 2011 Portland Alliance Newspapers!

Some people try to tell me things are "looking good"
but I don't buy it...  
1.  We are involved in wars in four nations and contemplating
      a fifth. 
Iraq, Afghantistan, Pakistan, Libya.... and Iran. 
      Only things
token reductions and reshuffling of troops.  

2.  Our torture chambers at Guantanamo are still in business,
     we do not have
non-profit healthcare, rendering, torture,
     rape, and murder) is
still legal and authorized by congress. 

3.  Wiretapping of American citizens, without a warrant or
of any crime having been committed, continues.

4. Habeas Corpus is still suspended.

5.  Job losses continue and transnationals are "free" to
economies surrounding us, thus increasing
     migration and
lowering wages here at home.  Fair
     trading practices are
dismissed as socialism or left-
     wing extremism.

6.  President Obama governs like a Republican and we
no real options for change in the next election.
     He has not
delivered on ANY of his campaign promises.
     Does anyone
remember when he boldly told us he would
     end the war,
  secure single payer health care, close
restore constitutional integrity, and end
of American citizens?  He did none of these
     in his
first term and has assured us he does not intend to
deliver these promises.   

7.  Our "off the books" wars are mushrooming.  Besides our 
over-extension of our military forces to enforce corporate 
occupations abroad, various transnationals are paying 
semi-private "contractors" to exploit the people we occupy.  
And the American taxpayer foots the bill.

8.  And while we pay through the nose for contractors, wars, and 
ammunition... our so-called leaders are reducing social security 
payments, cutting social services, and neglecting our railroads, 
ports, and public schools.  

8.  Speaking of schools:  37 less developed nations do a better job
teaching than we do.  Our schools continue to decline each year, since
clueless school boards, rather than professional educators, continue 
to choose flawed texts, select inferior curriculum, and dumb-down 
our programs and pass kids through instead of demanding excellence
and accountability.  Time to put teachers back in charge. 

"Good" is a relative term.   Things are in bad shape.
Our infrastructure continues to decline.  Our civil right
continue to erode.  Schools are getting worse, not better.
Our constitutional right have been abrogated.  We are broke.
There are no jobs. The president is allowed to indulge in 
wars of choice, and his criminal behavior is not challenged. 
Corporations are now considered people.  Illegal foreclosures 
continue. And the economic disaster engineered by Norquist 
and company has been endorsed and facilitated by the current 
administration.  There has been no response to corporate seizures 
of retirement funds and movements of operations overseas.

Nobody has been prosecuted for the crimes committted by Bush, 
Cheney, or Obama.  And there does not seem to be any serious
effort to enforce existing laws or constitutional mandates.  

If this is "good," I would hate to see bad.  

....And locally, PDX police have cost the taxpayers 2.1 million
dollars a year for crimes they committed.  (including illegal 
arrests, beatings, torture, and murder)  In spite of the PDX 
Police Bureau having been found guilty and fined by local, 
state, and federal authorities...  NO police officers have been 
reprimanded, removed, or forced to pay for the crimes they 
committed.  NONE!  The officers who beat James Chasse to 
death in front of witnesses are still on the job. They were not 
reprimanded.  They got raises.  And they were cited for 
meritorious service for beating him to death.  And the costs 
for this brutish behavior continue mount. But then, why should
officers change? They do what they choose and get away with it.
Instead of holding police accountable our leaders blame the
mentally ill and tell us that police abuse and the costs it creates
are just "part of the job."  Most people in Portland don't buy it. 

We need reform, here and in Washington.  Our legislators in 
Portland and in Washington are not taking care of everyday
people, and it is time we demanded accountability and action.
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