Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Get on the Bridge for Economic Justice: Thursday November 17th
On November 17th we declare an economic emergency for the 99%.
The Steel Bridge, like so much of our infrastructure, is structurally deficient
and in need of repair. This is work that needs doing, even while thousands in Portland are unemployed! Bridges like this one are symbols of politicians'
failure to pass a jobs bill or do anything to help the 99%, while our
infrastructure deteriorates and the richest 1% keep getting richer.
On Nov 17th, we say enough is enough.
This is part of a national day of action.
Endorsed by The Portland Alliance, JWJ, We Are Oregon, St. Johns Community Action Network, SEIU Local 503, Portland Rising, Portland Jobs With Justice,, CWA Local 7901, SEIU Local 49, Portland Council, Laborers’ Local 483, Our Oregon, Labor Radio Collective,, VOZ, Portland Rising Tide, Economic Fairness Oregon, Oregon Action, Unified Labor Committee, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, IWW Portland, United Steel Workers District 12, ENLACE, Alliance for Democracy, National Assoc. of Letter Carriers Branch 82, ILWU Local 5, Basic Rights Oregon, Teamsters Local 206, UNITE-HERE, Occupy PDX, US Uncut, International Peace Resource Center, American Friends Service Committee,, & more!

Get on the Bridge!

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