Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tune in Mon. & Tues. Nite: KBOO Spoken Word Radio 90.7 FM

  •                                                                  Illustration by Clyde List

    July 21 at 10:00pm

    to July 22 at 11:00pm

  • KBOO 90.7 FM
    Portland, Oregon 97214
KBOO Spoken Word radio show will host former poetry
editor for the Portland Alliance Mary Otte and former
mayor of Sherwood Clyde Ray List this Monday night
at 10 pm.

Mary's Poetry Portal

Patrick Bocarde
will host.

Clyde Ray List
holds a Degree in
English Literature (1967)
and a Degree in General Art (1968)
from the University of Washington.

He is a former Mayor if Sherwood
He is an actor currently
involved with Mask and Mirror
productions and with the Wilsonville
Arts & Culture Council and the
Sherwood Historical Society.

He is also a piano player, banjo
picker, and classical music composer.
He is an amateur historian who
enjoys interviewing local people.
Clyde List Portal
Mary Otte
is the former poetry editor
of the Portland Alliance.
She has a current
excerpt in the Alliance
about legal pot in

Main Street Marijuana,
Open for Business

BY MARY OUGHT SIX · TUE JUL 15, 2014                  

Her poetry has been published in the New York
Pamphleteer, the chapbook Panic Attacks
and Small Enlightenments.

Mary is a longtime contributor to
High Times Magazine. She's also
written for the New York Post,
the Huffington Post,,
Tamarindo News, Jaco News, and The Howler, among others.

Mary enjoys speculative fiction, quilting, jazz, hip hop,
the great outdoors and sometimes you can even catch
her singing. Her heart and soul are bi-coastal.

Writer, poet, journalist, interviewer,
and more....  Mary Otte:  Another portal to her work
              Latest Monthly Issue of The Alliance, July 2014

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