Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Portland Alliance: December 2014: Speaking Truth to Power

Vol. XXXIV, No. 12 December 2014

Speaking Truth to Power

A cop just got away with killing another unarmed citizen...

Portland Activists taking it to the streets!

It goes without saying that mainstream media coverage of the Portland Ferguson solidarity protest tonight (which was separate from the planned AMA demonstration earlier today that drew thousands of folks) is completely inaccurate. Far from a few dozen folks "wandering" the streets throwing bottles at cops, there were hundreds of folks purposefully blocking streets and bridges as civil disobedience/direct action, led by multiple Black youth, who were incredibly passionate, thoughtful and inspiring. ~Walidah Imarisha (Nov. 26, 2014)

This is an important reality to consider. The reaction to the grand jury in 170 cities included people blocking major roadways, highways, bridges and tunnels. The police were unable to stop mobilized people working together to stop traffic. Those involved in the protest were still a small number, perhaps 200,000 people, but even this small percentage of the population had the power to #ShutItDown. In most instances protests were met with support even by people who were inconvenienced by traffic.

Now that we know that even a small percentage of Americans, well under .1%, have this power, how do we grow this capacity?

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Vol. XXXIV, No. 12 December 2014

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